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A Couple's Guide to Fibromyalgia

Finding New Activities

Finding new activities to share together that is friendly for the partner with fibromyalgia is seen as essential. Taking up an interest in music or finding a new shared pleasure that isn't physically draining can benefit the relationship in many ways.

Creating activities that can be done together, both in the hobby sense and intimate sense, can help a relationship that is facing complications from fibromyalgia. Gaining insight to how a partner might feel is just one suggestion that might open up new room for discussion. Even if the feelings may hurt, it is vital to keep an open and honest discussion going. Keeping up with proper healthcare and maintenance for fibromyalgia will result in a happier relationship and as studies have shown, better future care down the road. Keeping up to date on appointments and treatments that have been proven successful can make life more enjoyable, especially for those suffering with consistent chronic pain.