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A Guide to Studying With Lupus

General Access Arrangements

General Access Arrangements are usually made in regard to exams or other forms of evaluative work. This is important because you probably pay an exorbitant amount of money to your school, which means that you should have as fair of a shot to prove your academic prowess as possible.  It is possible that as a student with lupus, you may need extra time or opportunities to take a break during a timed exam. This does not mean that you are getting an unfair advantage, or that you do not know your stuff as well as everyone else. Quite the contrary, it means that the school recognizes that you are dealing with a lot more than the other people just worried about the exam, and in order to try to level the playing field, you may be offered some extra time. Similarly, you are allowed to receive your exam paper in the preferred format. For example, if you use assistance technology in a class, like computer equipment, you should be able to use it during the test. If you need another person’s help, like a prompter, a scribe, or a reader, you are entitled to that too. If someone needs to read the exams to you, they should be practiced enough in their role that their reading does not hinder your understanding.