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A Guide to Studying With Lupus

General Adjustments

The following areas of adjustments are not exhaustive. Please use this as a guide to help see where you may benefit from these adjustments. First of all, in terms of general adjustments, students should be able to access all facilities offered by the school. This is non-negotiable. Tuition goes to campus, and as a student at whichever university, it is important to claim access to those facilities. It is also important that the key staff and support know about your diagnosis and are made aware of whatever adjustments you might require in advance.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that while college debt is fairly normal now, there should be adequate financial support covering the cost of the lupus. Whatever added time needed for completing coursework, exams, or the whole course. Let the instructor know as soon as you can. If it never comes up again, great, but if it does, you’ve covered your bases. They can often direct you to some helpful resources for you. Similarly, any support using learning resources, like the library, should be covered.

Access is also incredibly important as a student living with lupus. As a student with lupus, you should have access to any Disabled Students’ representatives, any relevant documents in regard to your school in your preferred format. In other words, if you want to know the equal opportunities policy, and you work better by reading off of the computer, you should have that access.

Arrangements to ensure that the stay on campus is as comfortable as possible should be made. In other words, are there any awareness training days for the staff around lupus? If not, you have a right to request it. Additionally, any arrangements for your specific and individualized needs, especially if living on campus, should be made.