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A Guide to Studying with Lupus

A Guide to Studying with Lupus

Lupus is one of those diseases that is evasive to the average unaffected person. Aside from hearing mentions of it in old House episodes, or hearing the recent Lady Gaga album dedicated to her aunt, who died of lupus before Lady Gaga was born, the average person has limited experience with lupus. 

Lupus is known to be a disease which is elusive to an average unaffected individual. It is said to be an autoimmune disease wherein the body’s own defense mechanism mistaken its own healthy cells as well as bacteria as foreign invaders and starts to attack them thinking that they are bacteria or virus. This can lead to damage to certain parts of the body such as skin, kidneys, blood vessels, joints, brain or lungs. Lupus cannot be termed as a contagious disease but it is said to impact the day to day tasks of an individual. Those individuals who live with this disease may not consider themselves as disable but there are a lot of adjustments to be made for students who live with this condition. Every individual living with lupus has their own set of symptoms and to its own degree of severity but again they would need to assess their adjustments based on their own symptoms as well as feelings.

  • Students should be able to access all the school facilities which are offered.
  • The key staff of the school as well as the support staff should be aware about such diagnosis in the individual and would need to make whatever adjustments are required.
  • There should be adequate availability of financial support which covers the cost of lupus.
  • Adequate time should be provided for lupus patients to complete their homework, course work or exams.
  • Students with Lupus should have access to any Disable Student’s representative any of the important documents pertaining to the school in the format preferred by you.
  • There should be arrangements made for staying in the campus and also the stay should be comfortable enough.
  • In case if you have any other arrangements to be made for your specific or individualized needs while you live on the campus then it should be carried out accordingly.

The General Access Arrangements are known to be mostly made during exams or any other forms of evaluation work. It becomes important since one has to pay high amount of school fees which would mean that they should also get a fair shot to prove their own academic self as much as possible. It may be possible that as a lupus patient one may need extra time or opportunity for taking a break during a certain exam, so this does not make you unfair or taking advantage of the opportunity. It would instead mean that the school identifies that you are dealing with lot more stuff than the people around you are.

Hence to get the best possible experience in school or college it becomes important to be honest with the education provider. There is no point in suffering individually and unnecessarily. It becomes important that the school should be made aware about your pains and what you are going through. Also do not make you entire life just about lupus since it is also important to find balance in life. Also ensure to paint a good picture about yourself such as goals, hobbies or interests.