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A Mobile Solution to Beat Cancer Together: BELONG

A new partnership with Colorectal Cancer Canada broadens reach even further

Recently, Belong announced a partnership with Colorectal Cancer Canada (CCC), the voice of colorectal cancer patients in Canada. As part of its partnership, CCC will add a closed member forum on the Belong platform, named: “Ask Colorectal Cancer Canada” that will keep its members up to date with news, events and activities going on with CCC.

“Our partnership will improve the quality of life for people living with cancer, and increase patient engagement opening a modern, effective and up-to-date communication channel that enables real-time interaction,” said CCC’s President and CEO, Barry D. Stein. “Belong’s unique app and advanced technology provides all the resources cancer patients need in one place. This mobile platform allows patients to manage their care and treatment wherever they are, connecting them with unparalleled resources.”

This recent partnership with CCC is helping Belong to strengthen and expand the North American cancer community’s digital patient connection.