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A Mobile Solution to Beat Cancer Together: BELONG

Belong is unique, and it has a bright future ahead

“Belong’s mission is to analyze the massive and information-rich real-world data and the patient and caregiver journeys that we generate and eventually use that to help advance science and cancer research toward finding better and more effective solutions for patients,” Malki said. “In other words, we aim to help scientists identify successful patient journeys, and on the other hand identify unsuccessful journeys that should be avoided.”

Belong is the only personalized and structured cancer treatment navigator on the market. The app improves quality of life by allowing people with cancer and their support network to better manage and navigate their treatment and recovery proactively with the help of robust crowd wisdom and medical experts. The free service also offers an intuitive set of unique tools to track treatment and disease progress, ask questions, manage medical files and appointments, search for the latest cancer-related news and search for clinical trial information matched to individual needs. For more information, or to download the app, visit