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A Mobile Solution to Beat Cancer Together: BELONG

Partnership with the ACS brings even more engagement

In the battle against cancer, access to quality information, data and assistance are invaluable. In 2017, Belong announced a partnership with the American Cancer Society (ACS). The partnership added a closed forum for American Cancer Society members, allowing them access to the ACS’ exclusive patient-doctor community.

This continued relationship added the information, insights and resources held by the American Cancer Society to the already bustling Belong Network.

“The partnership with the ACS brings a new layer of engagement with the ACS’ range of valuable resources, which are now made available to patients,” Malki said. “So now all patients using Belong have direct access to the ACS’ resources, their information specialists and other experts who do extraordinary work in both responding to patients and their families on the app and in providing targeted access to the ACS’ services and knowledge base.”