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A Story of Friendship Made Stronger by Autism

A Story of Friendship Made Stronger by Autism

School can be a difficult period for anyone. There are the physical changes one undergoes while maturing, the social and emotional skills one has to learn while navigating a constant stream of peers, not to mention all of the learning and homework. 

For those who are not neurotypical, it can be an especially difficult time. Children often react to the unknown in a negative way, and the autism spectrum is a massive unknown for many people. Some children latch onto it, and bullying or other bad things can occur.

But not every relationship made in school has to be negative. In fact, sometimes a beautiful one grows, and so we present a story. This is a story of two children, boys who met in sixth grade, who met each other and befriended one another, then forged a friendship which will endure past high school. It is not a work of fiction, but is rather the type of friendship which ideally will happen more and more often.

Photo credit: Chicago Tribune