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A Strong Support System Can Help Lupus Patients Cope

The Many Ways to Cope

Lupus can be very difficult to live with as it lets you slip into a false sense of security in between flares, and then hit you with little to no warning. As you feel your own body fight against itself for no reason at all, your energy and spirit drain right out of you, throwing you into a gaping emotional hole that you will at some point believe nobody can pull you out of. In dealing with lupus, it is very important to keep living your life within your physical limitations. More than the distraction, it will offer a sense of peace and control despite the illness. Here are some ways to help you cope with lupus:

Get creative. It doesn’t have to be grand. Doing some easy DIY projects every now and then can help spark your creativity, which in turn generates a therapeutic effect. Engaging your brain’s creative cortex can help alleviate depression and anxiety, which is very beneficial when you’re dealing with lupus.

Exercise. Intense workout regimens aren’t generally recommended for lupus patients as their bodies are going through energy-draining changes. Instead, opt for mild to moderate exercise just to keep you moving. Regular exercise facilitates the release of endorphins, nature’s painkiller, and that’s very much needed when you’re living with lupus.