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Activities that Benefit Muscular Dystrophy Patients

Best physio activities for MD

One of the important activities that should be part of anyone living with MD is the breathing exercises. The weakening of muscles involved in breathing is a life threatening condition. It can be delayed by paying special attention to the group of muscles involved in breathing. Muscles of rib cage play important role in breathing. One of the activity that young people may enjoy is blowing bubbles. It may be a good idea if a person with MD joins some singing group or plays a wind instrument. To encourage the person suffering from MD, it is worth investing in a spirometer, an equipment that can show the force of respiration, thus helping to keep track (3).

The best kind of physical activities in MD are those, that are done in the community, are enjoyable, and there is someone around to help with. The choice will also depend upon the phase of MD, or severity of disability in a person. One of the activities that have been widely accepted to be beneficial in most cases of MD is the Aqua therapy or swimming activities. It is enjoyable, with optimal stress on muscles, it involves the various muscular groups, and have all the benefits of moderate aerobic exercise.