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Activities that Benefit Muscular Dystrophy Patients

Choosing the physio activities

It is important in people living with MD to remain active and self-reliant for as long as possible. What a person living with MD should do, and the choice of activities would surely depend upon the stage of MD. Usually, MD is divided into three stages(2);

  1. Stage 1 (ambulatory) – In this stage, it is important to be highly active, as exercise and physio procedures can give the maximum benefit. It is a stage where one should pay enormous attention to the right kind of nutrition.
  2. Stage 2 (wheelchair) – it is a stage of compromised physical activity, still with a focus on the right kind of nutrition, medical aid, and exercise, and one can prolong self-efficacy.
  3. Stage 3 (Ventilator supported) – this is a stage of providing care, a stage when exercise would not help much.