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Activities that Benefit Muscular Dystrophy Patients

Things to know before starting an activity

The aim of any activity is to prolong the period of independence in a person living with MD. Caregivers, parents, and close ones are all part of the team and should be actively involved in helping a person living with MD. Activities should be focused on maximizing the physical movements and decreasing the contractures.

It is important to establish the routine. If the caregiver or parents are busy in the morning than the activity should be done in the evening. What is important is the routine or regularity in the activity for any kind of benefit, time of the day when such activity is done, does not have much importance.

Stretching should be the part of any physical activity. Though the exercise and physical activity should not be painful, when it comes to stretching, some pain is acceptable. Sometimes a person suffering from MD may be able to do stretching by self, but often the help of caregiver may be needed.