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Research Shows a Surprising Link Between Alcohol Consumption and Brain Health

Proven health benefits of moderate consumption

Proven health benefits of moderate consumption

However, science has shown that there might be some health benefit to drinking alcohol. For example, it’s been known that alcohol can actually temporarily relieve a person’s familial tremors.

Over the past few decades, some studies have even reported cardiovascular benefit to drinking alcohol. The data has shown that alcohol might reduce death due to heart disease. It’s believed that this observed benefit is especially true with wine, namely red wines. We think it’s because wine is full of flavonoids and other antioxidants, which help our bodies fight off toxins. However, many of these studies didn’t account for other lifestyle factors that could affect mortality, including a person’s exercise habits and diet regimen.

Recently, a new study finds that there might be even more benefit to drinking alcohol. Alcohol consumption may be correlated with better cognitive function in older adults.