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Alternative Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Alternative Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer has become a common disease in men, especially those aged from 50 years and above. Having prostate cancer comes with its own effects that no one wants to be part of. Various symptoms accompany an affected prostate gland. Such symptoms may include pain when urinating, high frequency or urge to urinate, and pain in the thighs.

Diagnosing prostate cancer is also difficult since the infection shows very few symptoms, especially during its early stages. Once the condition has been diagnosed, it goes further into requiring the right treatment since it is a recurring condition.

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Why do people seek an alternative treatment?

Treatment for prostate cancer requires lengthy procedures to cure the condition. The main treatment measures are medication, surgery, or radiation therapy. These treatment measures are accompanied by various side effects.

Undergoing medication treatment takes a lot of time, and in most cases is accompanied by erectile dysfunction. Radiation is another treatment that brings about some side effects. When you use radiation therapy, the energy produced destroys some of the cells neighboring the prostate gland.

Various Alternative Treatment Measures


According to scientific research, there are a number of different foods that contribute to various types of cancer in human beings. Likewise, there are certain foods that when taken will act as a treatment for prostate cancer.

Taking foods such as fruits and vegetables are known to reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer. Fruits and vegetables are known to contain chemicals that suppress the development of prostate cancer. Vitamin D3 is also another component, although it is still under research.

Tomatoes are also some of the foods you should include in your diet. Research shows that cooked tomatoes contain a chemical known as lycopene that acts as a good antioxidant to suppress the growth of prostate tumors.

African Plum Tree Extract

It might seem a little bit scary, but extracts from the African plum tree has long been used to cure urinary-related complications. For men with prostate cancer, frequent urination is one of the most common symptoms. This herb helps in treating urination problems.

Watchful Waiting

This is a rather dangerous means of treating the condition. It is not targeted into treating the disease, but only prevents the spread and development of cancer. You are supposed to visit a doctor regularly for examination. As a result, the doctor can confine the cancer cells into one area and stop them from spreading to other areas. Watchful waiting can be done by older men with other complications. Androgen deprivation therapy can be considered in this case.

Hormone Depressors

If you do not want to undergo surgery for the removal of your prostate gland or if it's too late to cure the cancer by surgery or radiation, then you can employ this type of treatment.

Castration-resistant prostate cancer

Prostate cancer in some men may not respond to anti-androgen medications. In such cases, the condition is termed to be castration-resistant. Doctors mostly recommend a chemotherapy treatment plan.

The Bottom Line

Prostate cancer is a disease that requires a lot of care and consultation with your doctor before you decide on what type of treatment you would like to take. Some of the treatment measures have very bad side effects. Alternative treatment options may also have their side effects. This calls for a serious discussion with your doctor on the type of treatment you need and how to properly manage it to prevent future side effects.