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Alternative Treatments for Strep Throat

Strep throat is contagious and is serious infection usually caused by streptococcal bacteria. Strep throat causes inflammation or swelling of the tonsils and the mucous membranes, which line the back of your throat. This complication is very common in children and less common in adults.

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The common signs and symptoms of strep throat include:

  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Fever elevating body temperature to 101 F and above
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Lack of appetite
  • Pain when swallowing
  • Abdominal pain
  • White patches on the throat and tonsils
  • Tender and swollen lymph glands of the neck
  • Rash
  • Swollen and red uvula

Doctors can do quick tests to help determine if your sore throat is caused by strep throat and then decide the best treatment for you.


Alternative treatment for strep throat is the use of fringe medicine that is used to replace conventional and traditional treatment. Although alternative medications are not scientifically proven, some of them have worked well when it comes to strep throat treatment. They include:


Although there is no tangible evidence to show that marshmallows can treat strep throat, many have practiced this as an alternative medication and got positive results. Marshmallow has been used for years in the form of tea to treat colds, coughs, and sore throats. According to a recent scientific study, modern-day marshmallows can help ease the pain in sore throats due to its soothing effects and gelatin coatings. If you have a swollen throat and cannot swallow anything, sweet and slippery marshmallow can give you quick relief.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is one best medications you can have to treat your sore throat caused by strep. You can prepare and use this kind of pepper by mixing it with water or using it in its powder form. You can place the water-cayenne pepper mixture or powder form of it on a brush and then rub it on the back of your throat.

You can also make a paste of cayenne pepper by mixing it with natural raw honey and then rubbing it on your throat. Another important additive you can add to your pepper is lemon juice and warm water.

The best thing about the above mixtures with your cayenne pepper is that they boost your overall health and help you treat strep throat. Now that you know about cayenne pepper and its benefits in strep throat treatment, you can bring natural treatments in your life. They work very well, even when compared to pharmaceutical drugs.

If you use cayenne and it seems ineffective, don’t hesitate to seek your doctor’s advice.


If you are tired of drinking water to remedy your sore throat, why can’t you try herbal and non-herbal tea? Herbal tea has been effective in soothing and relieving sore throat pains. On the other hand, non-herbal teas, may they be made of green, black, or white leaves, have antioxidants that will strengthen your immune system and help fight bacterial infections. To make your tea more effective, the addition of a teaspoonful of honey is recommended. The honey will make your medicine go down well, and it also has antibiotic properties that may fight strep throat bacterial infection.

Apple cider vinegar

One among the best alternative treatments for your strep throat is apple cider vinegar. This substance will help your body recover from various underlying body conditions and get rid of your strep throat, as well. This liquid becomes more effective when gargled in your mouth. Before gargling, you should dilute the liquid with warm water in a glass.

The amount of apple cider vinegar used may vary for different people. However, 1 to 3 teaspoons mixed with 8 oz of warm water can be enough for anyone. The liquid can work and give you positive results in just 30 minutes. If it takes longer than this, you should not worry. If you can tolerate its taste, then you can mix it with water and have sips all through your day. For optimal results, you should consider using raw and organic vinegar.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, has been widely used to treat many conditions, such as scurvy, stress, and viruses. It even promotes overall body health. According to recent scientific studies, taking at least 1,000 mg of ascorbic acid can give you amazing results for your strep throat. Vitamin C can be more effective when mixed with other strep throat medications.


Some of the over-the-counter sprays can do better to relieve your sore throat. One good example is chloraseptic produce that has a similar effect as cooling lozenges. The spray may not cure your strep throat, but it will help reduce the pain and fight the underlying problem. The active ingredient for chloraseptic is phenol, which an antiseptic with antibacterial properties.


For many centuries, cloves have been used as the Chinese traditional medicine. Nowadays, they are rarely used, but some use it to ease pain in the mouth, tooth, and throat. At times, dentists use it as an anesthesia during tooth removal and treatment. Cloves are successful pain killers since they contain a substance known as eugenol. Eugenol does not only act as a pain killer but also as an antibacterial substance. Chewing cloves will slowly release eugenol, which will numb the pain in your throat and also present antibacterial properties, which are important in strep throat cure.

Cough Syrup

Even if you don’t have a cough, some of the over-the-counter cough syrups can do good for your strep throat. Just like the cough drops and sprays, cough syrups coat your throat, providing a temporary pain relief. In case you are working, you can go for a non-drowsy syrup formula. If you are having trouble sleeping as a result of sore throat, NyQuil night time formula can be perfect, since it contains an antihistamine and pain reliever.

Bottom Line

Alternative medications used to treat strep throat can sometimes be better that the conventional or pharmaceutical medications. However, some have not been approved by the super medical panels, especially regarding dosage. It is always good to seek medical attention for your strep throat if any of the alternative medications are ineffective.