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Alternative Treatments for Testicular Cancer?

Treating testicular cancer without the side effects of conventional therapies

Alternative Treatments for Testicular Cancer?

According to studies, 98 percent of people afflicted by cancers exposed to chemotherapy and radiation treatment succumb to their ailments which contrasts starkly with billions of dollars that have gone into researching cancer cures.

Cancer affecting the germ cells lining the seminiferous tubules of the central testes causes sleepless nights but the undeniable fact is that the overwhelming majority of men affected by testicular cancer survive to tell their story. Surviving testicular cancer comes at a steep price in life. Destroying the side effects of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are outcomes cancer patients simply cannot avoid.

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There is a mounting concern for the heavy price people are paying for sustained chemotherapy and radiation treatment despite the overwhelming power of conventional medicine to deliver relief from testicular cancer. A growing band of testicular cancer warriors arm themselves with a protective shield of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) which promises to improve the quality of life by negating the serious side effects of conventional cancer treatments.                                     

Read on to find more about the alternative treatments that are blazing a new yet a controversial path in the medical treatment of testicular cancer.

Homeopathic Remedies for Testicular Cancer

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that works on the Law of Similars which states that substances sourced from plants, animals and minerals can mimic symptoms similar to various diseases. The homeopathic physician introduces an extremely minute dose of these elements into the body to enable our immune system to develop the capability of resisting infection when the real disease attacks the body.

Homeopathic science states that if testicular cancer creates various symptoms unique to itself, these symptoms can be treated by addressing the root cause. To enable a correct diagnosis, the homeopathic physician probes the complete medical history of the patient including their food habits, allergies, lifestyle inclinations and susceptibility to certain ailments to treat the individual in an integrated manner. Taking a break from the symptomatic treatment that is followed by conventional medicine, homeopathy seeks to address the root cause of the ailment taking the individual’s existing ailments and medical history into consideration as well. 

The homeopathic physician endeavors to personalize every treatment to match the unique conditions and specific needs of the patient and may deploy the following cures:

  • Rhodendron that focuses on pain relief
  • Bromium for respiratory issues that plague secondary stage testicular cancers
  • Phosphoric acid useful for combating stress and fatigue
  • Clematis for fighting varicocele (swollen blood vessels) and fluid retention (hydrocele)
  • Pulsatilla nigricans for curing swollen and painful glands
  • Aurum metallicum (metallic gold), not in its raw form but leveraged in extreme dilution for combating testicular swelling, pain, atrophy and hydrocele

Naturopathic Cures That Relieve Testicular Cancer Symptoms

One of the most dangerous side effects of chemotherapy and radiation is the erosion of the lining in the gastrointestinal tract which makes it difficult to absorb nutrients and grow healthy tissues. The end result is extreme fatigue and listlessness.

Naturopathy avoids the dependence on drugs and harmful chemicals while leveraging naturally occurring products that are free of chemicals and toxic elements to use them for curing a host of issues that plague the respiratory system, immune system and digestive system. Natural foods ensure that the body is empowered to heal and rejuvenate itself when it is going through a diseased condition. The following therapies are systematically exploited for maximum health gains:

  • Herbal therapies, especially herbal teas loaded with natural antioxidants that reverse the ill effects of free radicals that destroy healthy cells.  
  • Exercises for improving blood circulation and massage therapy to relax sore muscles and stiff joints that are witnessing an excessive accumulation of toxic wastes following chemotherapy.
  • Lifestyle changes to modify the way we eat food, sleep and how we manage stress.
  • Supplementing our food intake with correct and adequate minerals, vitamins and immune boosters.
  • Hydrotherapy using water in controlled conditions – hot showers for relaxation, cold compress to relieve inflammation, steam baths to eliminate toxins and ice application to reduce swelling and bleeding.

Ayurvedic Healing As a Solution for Testicular Cancer

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of healing which adopts an integrated approach towards healing diseases by focusing on an herbally efficacious diet, a series of intricate body postures called yoga and meditative practices that calm the mind and relieve stress. The following natural cures relieve the swelling, pain, tenderness and fluid accumulation associated with testicular cancer:

  • Applying a paste of ground pomegranate leaves to the affected part.
  • Raw papaya is boiled in a vessel over burning charcoal or burning coconut husks and the resulting pulp is cooled, ground to a paste and applied to the affected area.
  • The following herbs, powdered and mixed together with a touch of raw honey can be applied locally for reducing testicular infection and to shrink cancers.

Haritaki Powder: Terminalia chebula is an essential constituent of Triphala, a medication that removes toxins and aids digestion.

Kalmegh: Andrographis paniculata is widely used in Ayurvedic concoctions and is believed to dispel toxins and control fever.

Dhaniya: Coriander powder is very effective in treating respiratory problems and gastrointestinal upsets; it harmonizes the body by removing systemic imbalances.

Cloves: This aromatic Indian spice protects the liver and boosts immune function.

Indian Senna: The leaves of Caesalpinaceae are dried and powdered for medicinal use to aid digestion, boost immunity and reduce testicular swelling.

Candy Sugar: Jaggery, the rough textured Indian browned sugar has a cleansing effect on the gastrointestinal tract and urinary tract and removes testicular discomfort.

Acupuncture Remedies for Testicular Cancer

Generally, cancer patients need fast relief from pain and a great deal of palliative care to overcome the distressful symptoms that follow on the heels of chemical and radiation therapies. Acupuncture positions itself as a stalwart among the traditional system of Chinese medicine. 

This ancient healing technique works on the principle that vital energy (Qi) flows along 12 established pathways called meridians which are spread all over the body. Diseases, disorders and systemic imbalances are caused when the flow of energy gets blocked at important junctions within the energy pathways or meridians. Mildly heated or mildly electrified needles are inserted into the skin at predetermined pressure points and left in place for short periods by trained and experienced practitioners.

Clinical studies in the US have proven the efficacy of acupuncture in relieving pain, particularly pain afflicting the lower back, shoulders and knee joints. It is also useful in reducing nausea and vomiting sensations, the two major side effects of chemo and radiation therapy. The acupuncture treatment mostly accompanies the use of traditional Chinese herbal formulations.

Relief From Testicular Cancer Symptoms Through Chiropractic Care

Chiropractics is a system of alternative medicine that uses hand and pressure manipulation of the musculoskeletal system to relieve various symptoms associated with cancer. The chiropractor physically manipulates the spinal column, the bones and joints of the body to give relief from gastrointestinal upsets, swelling, testicular pain and nerve damage. The major advantage of Chiropractics is that there is no need for surgical intervention and therapy sessions do not involve the use of drugs.

Therapy involves the use of hands for physically correcting bone and joint misalignment, gentle massage therapy, stretching of limbs and spinal cord and low-key electronic stimulation to relieve sore muscles. Spine traction is also deployed along with local application of heat and ice to alleviate muscular pain, skeletal pain,and nausea that follows chemotherapy.