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Alzheimer's 101: Past, Present, and Future

The National Institute on Aging was established in 1974 and helped bring awareness around the disease

The next significant milestone in the history of Alzheimer’s is the establishment of the National Institute on Aging in 1974. The NIA is a major supporter for Alzheimer’s research, fundraising and raising awareness for Alzheimer's so research could move forward. In 1983, November was declared as the first National Alzheimer's Disease Month, which officially recognized Alzheimer's significance and severity.

The NIA started to fund Alzheimer’s Disease Centers and launched a nationwide network strictly for Alzheimer’s research in 1984. Shortly after, Former President Ronald Reagan announced that he suffered from Alzheimer's disease, which also brought more awareness to it and more research. 

Later, researchers were able to recognize and identify the risk factors for the disease in 2003.