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Alzheimer’s Deterioration: The Hidden Danger of Chronic Stress

Avoiding Alzheimer's

The hormones in the brain affect how it will develop throughout the years. Research and studies have been made to show that various hormones can affect how the brain will work. Adding other hormones, especially one with high amounts, in the delicate process of the brain can affect it in long-term as it will affect the right balance of chemicals in the brain.

Studies show that chronic stress can be a big factor in developing a degenerative disease through the release of hormones that can affect the natural process of the brain. Age is also a big factor in developing Alzheimer’s as many of those in middle age might receive an increase in stressors, which can result in chronic stress. To lower the number of cortisol being released, it is advised to improve your environment and relax to decrease the chances of developing Alzheimer’s by old age.