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Alzheimer’s Deterioration: The Hidden Danger of Chronic Stress

Mid-life stress

A study done by a team of Swedish scientists shows that mid-life stress also increases the chances of Alzheimer’s in old age, especially for women. This was done through by 1,415 women between the ages of 38 and 60 through three surveys. About 161 subjects developed Alzheimer’s disease. Those who answered that they are frequently stressed in a survey show an increased chance of developing dementia. While those who answered that they are stressed in all three surveys have a 73% chance of developing a form of dementia.  

The reason why there’s a higher chance of developing dementia while middle-aged may be due to environmental factors such as an increase in money problems or problems in the family. It shows that those who are mostly affected by these problems have a higher chance of dementia than those who are not affected by such problems.