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How Antioxidant-Enriched Multivitamins Help Cystic Fibrosis

Solgar Dry Beta Carotene

Found in a variety of fruits and vegetables, Beta-carotene is famous for giving carrots their rich orange color. This antioxidant readily converts to vitamin A when your system needs it the most, and it can help maintain the health of your eyes and support your immune system as well. This antioxidant may also improve cognitive function, promote healthy skin, contribute to lung health, and prevent certain cancers. You can find high levels of beta-carotene in cooked fruits and vegetables. A deficiency in beta-carotene may lead to dry skin, night blindness, and a decreased resistance to certain infections.

Solgar's dry tablets of beta-carotene are vegetarian-friendly and without sugar, salt, and starch. A dry form of this supplement is best for your body to easily digest it. Solgar recommends adults to take this once a day while eating, or take it as directed by their physician.

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