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Are Dentures the Solution to Your Dental Problems?

Are Dentures the Solution to Your Dental Problems?

What are dentures?

A denture is a device prepared by laboratory technicians in order to replace missing teeth. Dentures are a good option for patients without any teeth, or for patients with some missing teeth who want to have a beautiful smile again. Dentures are not only meant for cosmetic purposes; many people get dentures so they can have an easier time chewing and eating.

Partial dentures are only recommended for patients who have a few teeth missing. These dentures fill the gaps between the teeth. Full dentures are recommended for patients without any teeth. Dentures can be fixed or attachable.

Dentures are made from acrylic or metal and they normally fit over the gums. Dentures that fit well do not need any adhesive substances to stay in place.

Dentures are not recommended for patients who have recently had a tooth extraction. Normally, the bone and the gum tissue require some time to heal. The bone structure changes the shape over a couple of months following a tooth extraction, which would make the denture not to fit correctly. 

When are dentures recommended?

Dentures are recommended for:

  • Patients without teeth
  • Patients with some missing teeth.

Clinics usually need about three weeks or more to create a set of dentures that fit right for you. 

How are dentures created?

To create dentures that will fit correctly is not that easy. A series of impressions and measurements of the teeth, mouth, and jaw are necessary to create dentures that fit well.

First, an initial model of dentures is created, which allows the dentist to make necessary adjustments in points of discomfort or any part that gets irritated. When the initial model fits perfectly, final dentures are created. The final dentures are created in the laboratory by a laboratory technician. In a later appointment, these final dentures are fitted.

What to expect after dentures

Having dentures for the first time may feel a little bit strange at all. Normally, as time passes, patients get used to having dentures. Dentists usually recommend wearing dentures all the time, during the day and night. It is also recommended to eat light food and in small chunks at first, before returning to a normal diet.

The mouth and the dentures should be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis in order to avoid possible infections.

A certain level of discomfort is normal in the first few weeks. It is also normal to have a gum tissue irritation, overproduction of saliva and pain of the tongue and cheeks from holding the dentures in place.