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Are We Becoming a Nation of Zombies?

Big corporations are not letting this opportunity slip away and are even working with sleep medicine centers

Lasse Leppakorpi, the former CEO of Beddit, says, “Previously, it was about the sleeping pill, and people didn't want to talk about sleep apnea. Snoring is embarrassing. But this has been an untapped opportunity."

Companies have been working sleep experts to further undertand how they can make money off of our zombified United States. Clete A. Kushida from the Stanford Sleep Medicine Center looks at new treatments and medications designed for sleep. In the past two years, this study has expanded to wearable devices. So far, scientists have assessed how well the devices match their sleep center’s overnight sleep studies. But, are these wearable devices designed to measure heart rate and brain activity to find out the stages and length of sleep?

However, according to Kushida, consumer wearable devices do not accurately detect the stages of sleep and these devices focus only on your motions while in bed.