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Are We Becoming a Nation of Zombies?

Getting enough sleep will help reduce your chances of diabetes, road accidents and pain

  • Get enough sleep and reduce your chances of diabetes: Studies show that not getting good sleep may lead to type 2 diabetes. This can easily affect how your body processes glucose. This is not a conclusive study, but it is another indication of how important sleep really is.
  • Your heart will stay healthy if you have a regular sleep pattern: Lower the levels of stress and inflammation to your cardiovascular system by getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Sleep is a natural painkiller: If you are in pain from a recent injury, you need to get enough rest to help you hurt less. Studies show a link between sleep loss and pain thresholds. The more rest you get, the less pain you might have.
  • Avoid accidents by getting enough sleep: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that being tired accounts for fatal car accidents. The cost of being sleepy and driving is costly to society.