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Are We Becoming a Nation of Zombies?

Getting restful sleep is creating products that produce different smells and sounds that help you snooze

There are some companies highlighting smells and sounds that they claim help people sleep better. There is a $299 Nightingale Sleep System from HSN, Inc. that masks indoor and outdoor noises to help you sleep. Best Buy offers a Philips Lighting’s system to use  with your Alexa, which also allows you to choose the colors and brightness of the light. The Alexa will also be programmed to turn off the lights at certain times.

Sensorwake is introducing a product that releases smells like fresh linen and lavender to help you sleep better. Sensorwake makes an alarm clock that wakes you up with scent options. However, if you don’t wake up and/or hit snooze, the device starts making regular obnoxious noises.