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Are there any Alternative Remedies for the Treatment of Mumps?

Alternative Remedies for the Treatment of Mumps

What are the best remedies for fever and pain when you have the mumps?

Mumps is a viral infection which causes pain and swelling in the throat and neck. It is common in children and youngsters.

As the treatment for mumps, traditionally decoctions of healing herbs were recommended for little children. There are several recipes that help to relieve the symptoms of the disease and improve the general condition of your child. In addition, when suffering from mumps your child has to consume a significant amount of fluids to cure the infection, hence all of the following recipes will be very helpful.

  • Recipe 1 - Take 1 tablespoon of lime blossom and fill it with 200 ml of boiling water. After 15 minutes, filter the liquid and allow the child to drink 1/3 cup of it three times a day. It's a strong remedy against fever and makes your baby sweat and urinate more often. Virus leaves the body of your baby in this process. 
  • Recipe 2 - Take one teaspoon of sage leaves and boil it in a glass of water. Leave it for 30 minutes and filter the infusion afterwords. The remedy is taken in the form of warm tea 1/3 cup three times a day. The infusion can also be used to rinse the mouth. Sage possesses very strong antiseptic properties which is beneficial in all viral and bacterial infections.
  • Recipe 3 - Rose hip (dog’s rose) is a widely known method successfully applied in the treatment of all kinds of infectious diseases associated with severe intoxication, fever and absence of appetite. Take five tablespoons of raw material (mashed fruit) and pour a liter of cold water in it.  Boil it for 10 minutes and leave the broth for eight hours. You must take it within one week. You may add some honey, jam or sugar. Rose hip makes your baby urinate more than usual making the virus leave the body soon. Also, Rose hip teas are considered to be as a great source of vitamin C which is indispensable in fighting various bugs.

Are there remedies for swollen glands?

For the local inflammation which occurs in the area behind the ears, a dry warm dressing, a compress with sunflower oil or Ichthyolum ointment can be used. Prepare a warm clean cloth. This is your first layer for the compress. Then get another one soaked with oil or Ichthyol. Put them together and apply it onto the swollen skin. Your child will tell you that it is much easier to cope with all the inconveniences associated with the intumescence in the neck and swallowing food. It really does help.

Flax seed is recommended for the swollen glands. To prepare such a compress it is necessary to get 100ml of boiling water and flax seeds (100 grams) to boil them on slow fire in an enamel pot to produce a thick, pasty mixture. After the mixture has cooled down, it is necessary to shift it into a glass jar and mix with a tablespoon of honey. Then close the jar lid. You can make tortillas immediately and place them over the area of the swollen salivary glands on the neck. These tortillas have to be warm, so it is absolutely vital to use them when the body temperature is not very high (lower than 38°C). It softens the tight swollen saliva glands and eases the difficulty in swallowing drinks and food.

Chebulic Myroblan, also known as the ink fruit is an effective natural home remedy for mumps. Powder the herb in a grinder and mix it with water and create a thick paste. Applying this on the swelling provides relief. The herb’s anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties help in controlling the infection and relieving pain.

How do you disinfect your child's infected mouth?

It is a well-known fact that the virus of mumps spread easily. That is why it is very important for your baby to get rid of it as often as possible by rinsing it out from the mouth (one of the methods). The virus affects the salivary glands and live there until the end of the disease. While eating, it gets to the oral cavity and spreads around with a cough and sneeze. You will not get rid of the virus completely by rinsing but you will lessen the amount of contagious stuff in your baby's mouth.

To disinfect the oral cavity for the treatment of mumps, the decoctions made from herbs-natural antiseptics is of great help. Folk medicine for the treatment of mumps recommends the use of a mixture of sage and chamomile. To prepare the decoction you need to take one tablespoon of raw material and mix it with a cup of boiling water. Leave it to cool for 30 minutes and filter the decoction. Get your child to rinse his/her mouth after each meal, if the age is appropriate. You might as well make some tea from these herbs for the little babies. 

Ginger is also an effective herb to disinfect the mouth since it is rich with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. It will not only help your child fight mumps naturally, but will also help build immunity against other diseases. To create this home remedy, you need to dry ginger root in the sunlight for at least 3 days or buy ginger in powdered form from the local store. The concoction can be made by mixing 1 tablespoon of the powder with water to make a thick paste. The paste must be applied to the jaws, cheeks and throat area. Apply 2-3 times daily for at least 3 days to get relief. Additionally, mixing ginger powder in hot milk is also very beneficial in getting rid of mumps infection. Using aloe vera juice, soda bicarbonate diluted in warm water and apple cider vinegar as mouthwash at least twice a day is also a good remedy for getting rid of the infection from the mouth.

People suffering from mumps need to be very careful about the way they function. This article may help you with some alternative remedies that are proven to be effective in treating mumps. Speak with your doctor before beginning any alternate treatments and if you notice any symptoms appear in your baby.