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Assistive Technology for Improving Life in People Living With Muscular Dystrophy

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices, be it a tab or smartphone is perhaps the least mentioned but most essential thing for anyone, including those living with MD. These devices are becoming smarter and more functional. We cannot negate their importance in communication. They also improve the social lives, one can join online social groups, keep contact with the friends and relatives. Modern smartphones and devices are offering, even more, various apps to make life better (e.g. online ordering of services and products), add-ons and cameras for pursuing the hobby, keeping a person engaged. And wait, things like virtual reality are getting more real than ever, voice chatting with a virtual assistant can be used to solve so many tasks. Thus they are indispensable just for everyone, and especially for disabled people.

Another thing that is worth mentioning here is the use of the touch-free phone, in some cases of the high level of disability, it can be of great value. These are the phones that are controlled through facial expressions, specifically created for people with high level of disability.