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Author Helps Others by Sharing Chronic Fatigue Story

Author Helps Others by Sharing Chronic Fatigue Story

Karyl M. Sanchez shares her chronic fatigue story in book. Photo Source:

Chronic fatigue is a syndrome that affects many people in America. This disorder causes extreme fatigue. This fatigue is not the type of tiredness that disappears after resting. It actually persists for a long time and limits people’s ability of carrying out daily tasks. The main symptom of chronic fatigue is extreme tiredness that can sometimes last very long. These other symptoms may also be present on people with the disease:

Diagnose is especially difficult when it comes to chronic fatigue. There are no specific medical tests. In addition, other diseases can cause similar symptoms. Physicians usually rule out other diseases and conditions before diagnosing the chronic fatigue syndrome. In regards of what can cause this conditions, the reasons are still unknown. Nevertheless there are some interesting facts about the syndrome, being one of them that it is more common in women between 40 and 60 years of age. However, anyone can suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. Even though the standard duration of an episode of chronic fatigue is 6 months, this period can extend up to two years.

Actively looking for a cure

A cure for the condition hasn’t been found yet. Treatments usually focus on improving their current state and alleviating the symptoms. The syndrome affects people differently so collaboration with the physicians is needed in order to create an effective treatment plan that fits the needs of a patient. Therapies to manage symptoms such as pain medicines, sleep disorders and other problems tend to be included in these plans in order to alleviate symptoms. Plans may also include other methods for coping with the disease and ways to manage patients’ daily activities.

However, people remain active in the research of new methods that can help with the condition. Such is the case of Karyl M. Sanchez, author of a book called: From CFS with Love: Techniques to relieve and release symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Chemical Sensitivities. This book presents as a “self-help” book that can aid people with the condition. The book itself offers many different techniques and approaches that may help people have a more bearable lifestyle.

The story behind the author

Karyl M. Sanchez was inspired by her own story, based on her own life experiences as a past patient diagnosed with chronic disease and the conditions she had to confronton a dailybasus. That is exactly the reason this book differ from others written on the self-help area in regards of health, the personal touch of someone who understands other people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and how it may affect them emotionally.

“There is a deeper and personal understanding into the illness that makes the book a different experience, encouraging the reader to take the wheel on their own healing journey.” Says Karyl M. Sanchez about the book. It is important to have people to relate to, especially when going through these kinds of syndromes.

Even though Karyl M. Sanchez is not suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome right now she’s more in contact with the syndrome than anyone else. The allied health professional holds diplomas in areas such as health science, kinesiology and massages. Interest in natural health and avant-garde treatments led her to start working as a naturopathic, job she had for over 12 years. Right now, she is interested in bringing awareness of this syndrome called chronic fatigue syndrome.

A big percentage of the book is written in retrospective with Karyl inquiring and talking about how she felt when she went through chronic fatigue disease.

What kind of techniques does the book focus on?

Even though the book gives a complete overview of the condition, it focuses on four specific techniques that help realising symptoms. Said techniques are explained as well as how they impact those body systems that are affected by chronic fatigue syndrome. While exploring those techniques, Karyl enables a complete understanding of the illness and a deeper insight into how it manifests. This way a broader understanding of the techniques can be achieved. When readers have a tangible action plan for their recovery process everything is easier. Ones the benefits of these techniques become real in some way, they are more likely to be done properly and having a great impact.

Other aspects evaluated on the book

Although techniques are the main focus of this book, it is not the only aspect mentioned and broken down on it. Along with techniques, there are therapies, hints, ideas and different products that may be helpful for people looking forward to coping with the condition in an efficient way. A journey to good health is what Karyl begins on the first page along with the reader, exploring many different possibilities and options for people seeking their well-being.

The implementation of the techniques researched in the book are accompanied by tips and recommendations on how to manage acute symptoms and occasional setbacks. These recommendations are usually given in the fields of health plan creation and exercise routines as well.

However, the book is not only helpful for people suffering from chronic fatigue syndromes but also from different chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia and some chemical sensitivities. It is important for people suffering from chronic conditions to acquire knowledge on areas that can be helpful for them, techniques, products and different practices that may help them overcome the symptoms and establish a lifestyle plan that can help them forget about the condition and have a normal life.

It is also important to take care of the emotional balance in order to keep negative feelings and stress out of the equation. People need to do their best in order to prevent the disease from taking away their optimism and only in that way they will be able to start getting over the syndrome.