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Autism: Getting a Handle on Suicide

Final thoughts

Learning to cope with autism in a neurotypical world is a challenge for individuals who experience the condition, and their caregivers and treatment providers. While many of the challenges may seem harmless enough, recent studies linking autism to suicide rates indicate that there’s a lot going on below the surface. Autistic traits can often leave individuals feeling isolated, hopeless, and powerless. These feelings, especially combined with the lack of a support system, depression, or some traumatic event are significantly linked to the likelihood that an individual will experience suicidal thoughts or idealizations. While treatment for autism continues to evolve, this information should certainly shift our perspective and make us more aware and intentional about having conversations about suicide and self-harm with autistic individuals.

You can read more about the recent studies linking suicide and autism at Medical Xpress, and you can read more of Katherine Gotham’s research at Spectrum News.