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Respected Autism Pioneer Is Actually a Monster

He knew he was sentencing children to their deaths

Edith Sheffer, a historian and senior fellow at the Institute of European Studies at UC Berkeley, spent years investigating Dr. Hans Asperger. From sources such as medical records and referral letters, she stresses that the doctor knew he was sentencing the children to death. Recently, Sheffer wrote in the New York Times about one of the doctor’s patients, Elisabeth Schreiber, a 5-year-old little girl who could only mutter one word – ‘mama’.  “A nurse reported that she was ‘very affectionate’ and, ‘if treated strictly, cries and hugs the nurse’. Elisabeth was killed, and her brain kept in a collection of over 400 children’s brains for research in Spiegelgrund cellar,” wrote Sheffer. 

Photo: Schönbrunn Psychiatric Hospital, 1934 (Photo by SS photographer Friedrich Franz Bauer.)