But other friends were convinced this was going to be a "quiet night on the town"

One of Dr. Cerveny's friends from her college days said it seemed Kiersten was going out to have a "quiet night on the town" with some friends after a brief meetup. 

"I never knew her to do drugs ... the whole thing just seems very shady," said the friend, Rod McClave. "Only the people who were with her know exactly what happened--but it's weird."

The friend met up with Kiersten at a hotel that night, and he said she and her friends weren't acting wild, like they'd be doing drugs just hours later. He said he had just "stopped by the hotel to say hi." But he also admitted that he didn't recognize any of the friends she was with, and had never seen any of them before.

Could this have been a crowd Kiersten had partied with previously, or was this really an out-of-the-blue experience?

Source: Daily News New York