Family and friends: What Kiersten left behind

Kiersten’s family held a small, private funeral service for her in Long Island, with only immediate family in attendance. Since her death, a college fund was set up for her three children. In the aftermath of the publicity surrounding the court case, Dr. Cerveny’s family has since avoided the spotlight in order to grieve and move on.

But Cerveny’s death has left an impact on more than her husband and children. Her tragedy highlights the drug problem still running rampant in America today. Illegal trafficking happens all over the country, resulting in more overdoses and drug-related crimes with each passing year. Every time a person dies from drug abuse, their loss leaves a trail of grief-stricken loved ones. More than that, Dr. Cerveny’s death serves as an example of the emotional component that leads to drug use and reminds us all that there are ways we as individuals can step in and help such people.

Photo: Facebook