Friends say that this good girl liked to party

Some signs began to show through in the days leading up to her death. Two days before she died, friends of the dermatologist said they saw her drinking heavily and using cocaine. Nor was she a stranger to partying; after her death, details came out attesting to her enjoyment of the nightlife. The extent to which any of her friends or family knew about her issues is unclear, but the shock in her loved ones was genuine. In their eyes, they knew Kiersten Cerveny for her medical talent, academic success, and care and concern for her family. The pictures she posted on her social media page served to further this belief: always smiling, always seemingly happy — that was the image Kiersten portrayed to the world. She did her best to conceal her problems and appeared to do so successfully…until just before her death. But by then, it was too late for anyone to address the signals of her distress.

Photo: Facebook