Her patients were "shaken"

Dr. Kiersten Cerveny was a Dermatologist. Patients say she was "so kind" and "down to earth."

Patient Rachel O. says, "...I have never been treated with as much respect and care as when I saw [her] for the various skin ailments I've had over the years."

"She is a very sweet doctor," wrote Tina B. "She takes the time to explain things and seems genuinely interested in helping a patient."

"She had a great bedside manner. She was very kind and encouraging and always seemed excited to see my daughter and I and talk to us. She remembered little details about my daughter as a person, not just a client," wrote patient Laura C. from Brooklyn.

Steven C. of New York wrote that Dr. Cerveny "may be one of the best doctors I've seen in NY ... I love her upbeat warm positive energy, and she is so knowledgeable and detailed."

It is vividly clear that Kiersten was not only well-loved by her family and friends, but by her patients as well.

All of the above comments from her Yelp page.