The HBO producer involved had a huge secret

In 2017, the HBO employee involved in the tragedy, Marc Johnson, pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact; he admitted to dragging Dr. Cerveny’s body, along with his drug dealer, James Holder, to the lobby of the apartment building they were in before leaving her. Producer of the television show The Deuce, Johnson was also concealing a grave secret: he was operating a drug and sex den in Holder’s apartment for years. During the trial, prosecutors handed in documents that revealed evidence of Johnson’s drug-fueled depravity at Holder’s lodgings, which, they asserted, was the reason he helped move Kiersten’s body out of the drug lair down to the lobby and why he was so uncooperative and vague on his 911 phone call — he wanted to hide his and Holder’s criminal actions from the authorities. However, his arrest brought everything to light, and as a result, several of his company partners severed their ties with him, and he was eventually sentenced to serving time in prison.

Photo: DNAinfo