The judge's final verdict

Their guilt apparent, Johnson and Holder were finally sentenced in 2017 for their part in Dr. Kiersten Cerveny’s death. Johnson faced up to ten years in prison and Holder up to 20. Johnson pushed to avoid a jail sentence, while Holder’s attorneys were fighting restitution pay for Cerveny’s family, saying Kiersten was a victim of her own poor choices, which resulted in Holder’s sentencing being pushed back. In the end, though, neither perpetrator came out the other end free and clear: in May, 2017, Judge Jesse Furman sentenced James Holder to five years in prison after pleading guilty to maintaining a drug distribution house, and in August of that same year, he handed down to Marc Johnson a prison sentence of one year and one day. In addition to the jail time, Johnson was also required to pay a $20,000 fine as well as given two years of supervised release. 

Photo: DNAinfo