The trial reveals all

Soon after Kiersten Cerveny’s death, witnesses told investigators they saw two men drag the doctor’s body down the hall. This originally made investigators suspect foul play, but Dr. Cerveny’s autopsy ultimately concluded her death to be accidental. About seven months later, police identified Holder and Johnson and arrested them for distribution of cocaine. Holder was charged with running a distribution ring while Johnson was charged with becoming an accessory after the fact.
Although lawyers quickly began talking about a plea deal, the men’s fate was sealed when prosecutors showed security footage in court of Johnson and Holder dragging Cerveny down the stairs before leaving her in the foyer. The video made it apparent that both men neglected to seek help for the obviously overdosing woman right away, possibly contributing to her death. After seeing the footage in court, Johnson pleaded guilty to his charge a year following his initial arrest.

Photo: Daily Mail