Was Kiersten under too much pressure to be perfect?

Over the last ten years alone, mothers specifically are becoming more addicted to cocaine than any other drug. With the increasing pressure that we see on social media to appear perfect 100% of the time, and the pressure to perfectly balance motherhood, family, and career--did Kiersten turn to cocaine to cope? Whether she was using cocaine to cope or whether it was an incident of overindulgence while having a good time, the story of Kiersten Cerveny serves as a wake-up call to millennial families everywhere.

Being a dermatologist in itself is a stressful life to lead, and that's without throwing three kids, a husband, and a million-dollar house into the mix. Kiersten was undoubtedly a hard worker, but perhaps her life wasn't as perfect as it seemed on social media. While browsing social media these days, people don't want to admit when they've had a bad day, or when they're feeling stressed and/or need help

Mothers in their 20s and 30s are a unique group. They already feel pressure to keep up with their kids, keep their marital life perfect, and stay healthy. With the pressure of seemingly perfect lives on social media, when does it all become too much--leading toward drug use?