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Being Scared for the Future with Parkinson's: What Comes Next?

Being Scared for the Future with Parkinson's: What Comes Next?

The mind is a powerful tool that should never be considered wasteful, regardless of the circumstances. In life, there are conditions in which an individual’s mental state can fall under the influence of time as well as other ailments, which can include both Parkinson's and dementia. Sometimes, both of these diseases can go hand-in-hand, and both of these diseases can make someone who is just diagnosed with it uncertain of what their future may hold.

Many people today fear both of these diseases, as it could mean that they could not only to lose their most treasured memories, but also that they would never move in the same way again, or even have to depend on their family members and friends more often than they're used to. Parkinson’s disease, in particular, can be the cause for several other afflictions that influence the quality of one’s life. With Parkinson's, tasks that were once simple are now considered almost impossible for an individual that has developed Parkinson’s, and this makes patients with Parkinson's constantly be in fear of what will affect them next. This disease can affect so many aspects, like socialization and overall physical appearance. Patients who were once in the center of every dancing floor, may not be able to showcase their new moves, and other patients may feel embarrassed or ashamed as a little drool from the side of their mouth will fall out while eating dinner with the family. 

Parkinson’s disease can do things to the body that most people would consider unfortunate or harmful because of its symptoms, but those outside of it never truly understand what patients are going through. Patients with Parkinson's become unsure of how they will function in society because of their diagnosis, but, the way to defeat a disease of this magnitude isn't just treating it with prescribed medications. It also require persistence and a sense of reassurance. 

Never give up

Parkinson’s disease not only deteriorates the body, it also affects the mental state of a person as well. The mind is the most powerful defense against chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s, yet the disease itself causes many to forget about that fact. The feeling of defeat is one of much anguish, and Parkinson’s victims can feel this the most. One Parkinson’s victim claims that they “felt damaged. Walking was starting to become a struggle. I feared that anyone who saw what I had become might pity me or look down on me. So, I spent every day trying to hide my diagnosis from the world” (Allison Conway). Many Parkinson’s victims feel ashamed of their relentless condition, mainly as a result of fear and unexpected change.

When dealing with a condition such as Parkinson’s, the individual with the disease needs to be reminded of how well their lives can still be, despite this crippling disease. The ability to think pragmatically is a blessing in the eyes of human beings, yet this feeling of security can always be altered by certain events.