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Benefits of Aerobic Exercises for Fibromyalgia Patients


The findings of the study reported that after 24 weeks, the people who exercised were 7% better as compared to before they began the study. With regard to pain, the group who exercised were 11% better when it came to pain alleviation. Those who exercised were reported to have 6% less fatigue as compared to those who didn’t. With regard to stiffness, the group that exercised were said to feel 8% better with regard to their stiffness. Lastly, those who were a part of the group that exercised reported that they had 10% better physical function.

With regard to any side effect or any adverse reaction, there were only a few of the respondents that complained of any adverse reaction that happened to them while they were doing the study. However, there was one out of 496 participants in the exercising group that complained of a foot bone stress fracture. However, there is no evidence that points out that this adverse reaction happened because of the exercise.

To sum it all up, the collective of the evidence shows that aerobic exercises actually do improve the overall health of people who have the condition known as fibromyalgia. It can improve the health, pain, stiffness, and even physical function of the patient. Although there was a report of the people feeling 6% better with regard to fatigue, the numbers proved to be too small to conclude that aerobic exercises actually do improve fatigue.

Overall, aerobic exercises were shown to be quite beneficial to those who were suffering from the condition. However, aerobic exercises are really supposed to be done consistently for one to be able to feel the difference in health. This is why when it comes to physical workouts, the key would always be consistency. Because of a low number of participants, quality of evidence is shown to be moderate and not high-quality. This means that more studies will have to be made with regard to this activity. However, the discoveries from this study can already give us a cue that aerobic exercises are definitely beneficial. Further studies can show us the extent of its benefits.