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Benefits of Probiotics at the Onset of Gluten Intolerance

Benefits of Probiotics at the Onset of Gluten Intolerance

Benefits of Probiotics at the Onset of Gluten Intolerance

Gluten intolerance or commonly known as celiac disease has become a burden to several people – both young and adult – all over the globe. There are already many scientists who have conducted lots of research about the possible treatment for celiac disease. However, the only known treatment for this condition is the complete abstinence from gluten.

At the International Celiac Disease Symposium held in New Delhi last September 10, 2017, it was presented that some bacteria species in probiotics has the capacity to suppress the autoimmunity characteristic of the celiac disease and may eventually delay the onset of this autoimmune enteropathy condition on children who are already genetically predisposed to this type of condition.

Gluten intolerance or also commonly referred to as celiac disease is becoming a burden for several people across the globe. There has been lot of research conducted on this topic for a possible treatment but the only known treatment is to refrain from gluten. In a symposium it was presented that there are certain bacteria species found in probiotics which have the capacity to suppress the characteristic of gluten intolerance thereby eventually delaying its onset especially on those children who are genetically prone to this medical condition.

In one of the research findings it has been suggested that the said probiotic stains are very much capable of blocking those autoimmunity of the disease on children who are genetically predisposed to this disease. It is said that there is a possibility that the emergence of this condition can most likely be delayed due to the capacity of disabling done by the probiotic stains. In yet another study it has been found out about the effects of the probiotics to gluten intolerance individuals.

The findings say that VSL#3 which is a probiotic consisting of eight different bacterial strains and it is known to be very much capable of reducing the gluten due to the bacterial stains which are known to be gluten digesting microbes. Hence the research suggested that apart from delaying the onset of this disease on genetically predisposed children, probiotics is also known to reduce the gluten in the body of those suffering from celiac disease. But despite the fact that probiotics is known to provide positive benefits on the gluten intolerance patients, they should still take probiotics with proper guidance and advice from their doctor.

There have been lot of research conducted that several of the probiotics strains can help out in the degradation of the gluten present in the gut in addition to boosting the immune system which can help to prevent the indicators of the early start of the disease. But it is also that when you look to consume probiotics you should be aware of what probiotics you are consuming since the ones available in the market do not give a complete assurance that they are free from gluten.

It is said that for any product to be free from gluten should have less than 20 parts per million of the gluten. Hence not all the probiotics available in the market can be completely safe for celiac disease patient. Also it is said that effects of probiotics in children can vary from other cases hence it is always best to go in for gluten free diet including gluten free medicines and supplements which have to be taken. While choosing probiotic product from the market always ensure to verify the content of the item whether it is actually free from gluten or if it is just a label out there. Probiotics should be taken under doctor’s guidance since they would take into account the strains for ensuring the maximum positive impact it would have on the body of the patient.