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Black Panther Star Micheal B. Jordan Lives with Parents to Support His Mother with Lupus

Black Panther Star Micheal B. Jordan Lives with Parents to Support His Mother with Lupus

Photo: Michael B. Jordan and his mother, Donna, at his lupus awareness event. Source: Hollywood Reporter.

Lupus patients still worry about being misunderstood. Unsurprisingly, there are many who still only know lupus by name, and not by how serious it is and how difficult the lives of patients can be. Though patients have varying symptoms, ranging from mild to severe, all of which can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining for both the patient and loved one.

Michael B. Jordan is among the few people who completely understand what lupus patients go through. This is not because he is a lupus warrior, but because his mother is.

Michael B. Jordan's efforts to help lupus patients worldwide

People know Michael B. Jordan from his most recent role in Black Panther. In the film, he is a villain named Erik Killmonger who wants to take, what he believes, his rightful place as king of Wakanda.

In real life, however, Michael is a loving son who wants no war, but to only share love and respect for lupus patients and survivors, especially his mother.

Michael’s mother was diagnosed with lupus in 2000 after complications with her knee operation. As a child, Michael did not know much about life-threatening diseases such as lupus. However, a few years later, he became more aware of lupus and decided to connect with Lupus L.A. to help her mother go through the adversities.

Since then, Michael had been an advocate, and soon after, an ambassador for the disease. Michael and his mother, Donna, has since helped the organization to spread the word about lupus and to help it gain funds for future research initiatives. Both mother and son feel that the organization, as well as many others like it, need to be helped as it helps patients by providing them with the necessary resources and the camaraderie that each patient needs.

In June 2015, both Michael and her Mom were honored at Lupus L.A.’s event called The Orange Ball: A Night of Superheroes. It was held at New York Street’s Fox Studios where they had a fun-filled street party to celebrate all lupus superheroes and to also call the attention of many others who were not yet involved.

Michael’s most recent effort as a lupus ambassador was made evident in his event, MBJam, which he hosted in late 2017. It was to again help raise awareness for the condition and assist Lupus L.A. to practice its 3 core values: providing patient services and programs, supporting medical research, and promoting advocacy and awareness. Personally for him, the event allowed Michael to celebrate the strength of his mother who is continuing to thrive with the condition.