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Black Panther Star Micheal B. Jordan Lives with Parents to Support His Mother with Lupus

Jordan has an inspiring reason for living with his mother

Photo: Michael B. Jordan. Source: Mix 104.9.

As a public figure, almost all aspects of Michael’s life is open to public criticism. And, most recently, he has been criticized about with his parents. To others, this may seem awkward as he’s already a successful actor. However, the main reason is rather inspiring.

Michael chose to live with his parents because his mother has lupus and his father has diabetes. Aside from having company in his house, Michael gets to look after his loved ones too.

Looking after a family member who has lupus isn’t easy. However, experts suggest that the responsibility is shared with the patients so that they do not feel overwhelmed. 

Caregivers have to look after incidents of flares, which include increased fatigue and joint pain, hair thinning, and high-body temperatures. It is best to be wary of these signs before the flares and have access to the patient’s medications. Lupus patients may also suffer from stroke or heart attack

Among the many factors influencing a lupus patient, the emotional ones are probably the most profound. Michael’s mom confessed to feeling emotionally isolated at some point in her life. Others surely feel the same occasionally. Psychiatrists have also noted that some patients undergo a denial phase when they have just found out about their condition.