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Black Panther Star Micheal B. Jordan Lives with Parents to Support His Mother with Lupus

There are a lot of other support organizations in the world

The truth is that there are already a lot of lupus organizations around the world that are all dedicated to improving the quality of life of all lupus patients. If you are considering to become a lupus advocate, you should first educate yourself about the condition. Various online resources are available on sites, such as the Lupus Foundation of America, which anyone can access.

The next step would be to contact the desired organization through their representatives and to visit them in person to understand how you can make an impact. Also, the process usually involves signing a petition to officially become an advocate. Then, you can volunteer in various organizational events to raise awareness and funds for research.

Those who have loved ones suffering from the condition, or who are patients themselves, are in the best position to become an advocate. Even without taking part in an organization, you can take initiatives in sharing your loved one's story or sharing what you know. They can give speeches, become a mentor for other lupus patients, or form a small support group.