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Breaking thru Fibromyalgia Fog for Better Communication

Avoid Stress

Fibromyalgia patients should do their best to avoid stress.

  • De-stress: practice mindfulness regularly to decrease the stress level and improve the various mental functions.
  • Exercise your brain: apart from physical exercise, mental exercises like puzzle solving, reading, may also help you to be mentally alert.
  • Use written communication over voice: if you have asevere problem of forgetting the conversations with the people, emails, and texting could be an option for you. As in case you forget about the previous communication, you can go back and read.
  • Be organized: try to do the repetitive tasks at the same time of the day, this will decrease the chances of forgetting, and will also decrease the mental load and need of remembering. If you do certain things regularly at the same time, they are stored differently in a memory.