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Can ADHD Occur in Adulthood?


Can ADHD Occur in Adulthood?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) doesn’t just occur in children. It can also occur during adulthood. Actually, it has been estimated that about 70% of adults continue to struggle with ADHD. In other cases, adults who have never been diagnosed with ADHD during their childhood days can develop this disorder later in their lifetime.

Adult ADHD is similar to childhood attention deficit disorder. In fact, the symptoms are relatively the same. If you are experiencing the following symptoms, you may be suffering from adult ADHD:

  • Difficulties in paying close attention to details.
  • Make very careless mistakes in anything you do or other activities.
  • Difficulties in organizing and sustaining attention in your tasks.
  • If you often don’t listen whenever spoken to directly.
  • You find it hard to follow instructions and don’t finish whatever task you embark on.
  • Reluctant in engaging yourself with activities requiring sustained mental effort.
  • Often lose important things that are necessary.
  • If you are easily distracted by superfluous stimuli.

Other symptoms include:

  • Always forgets important daily activities.
  • If you fidget with your hands and feet or wriggle in your seat.
  • Restlessness and always on the go.
  • Difficulties in playing and engaging in leisure activities silently.
  • If you always talk excessively and feel compelled to answer to something before a question has been completed.
  • Have a difficult time to wait for your turn.
  • If you always tend to interrupt a conversation.

However, before concluding that you have AHDH, confirm that these symptoms must have persisted for more months. Moreover, like in children, ADHD symptoms in adults lead to significant impairment when it comes to social and academic relationships. Therefore, you should confirm that there is a direct link between these symptoms and your daily activities. For instance, if you get affected in your ability to have a normal daily routine, consider talking to your doctor

Is there a treatment for ADHD in Adults?

ADHD in adults is treatable. The treatment options out there are similar to that of children. In most cases, doctors prefer prescribing medications, but adults can be trained to use alternative treatments. The following are common treatment options for ADHD in adults:

  • Psychotherapy: This is aimed at helping people learn the strategies that can help in minimizing the effects of ADHD. They are based on effective time and project management skills.
  • The use of stimulants: These are the most common ADHD medications. Their effects are instant and have a very few side effects. They include methylphenidate and amphetamines like Dexedrine and Adderall. They are quick-acting drugs and are usually taken multiple times a day.
  • Careful use of anti-depressants: Anti-depressants are another important category of drugs that can effectively treat ADHD in adults. They are usually taken alongside stimulants. They target brain cells. The most common anti-depressants include the chemical dopamine as well as norepinephrine. They are effective despite the fact that they have some side effects. However, your doctor should advise you on how to treat ADHD better.