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Can Ayurvedic Medicine Help Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients?

Herbal preparations, body treatments, and meditation help with your pain and metabolism

Herbal preparations are essential for getting rid of pain, weakness, and compromised immunity. Herbal preparations remove Ama, pacify Vata and build up Ojas. An experienced Ayurvedic practitioner must prescribe herbal medicines for the best effects, or else symptoms may persist

Ayurvedic body treatments need to include pindaswed, ayurvedic massage and medicated steam treatments. Such treatments will improve your metabolism and relieve pain inflammation, bringing up your well-being. Dhirodhara and heart dhara will calm the mind and emotions and balance your hormones. Balancing hormones will alleviate anxiety, insomnia, palpitations, and headaches.

The most difficult challenges of CFS and fibromyalgia is your attitude that affects your mind. Anxiety, depression, and loneliness are common in both CFS and fibromyalgia due to the nature of the conditions.

Ayurvedic treatments help with the body, but other practices, like meditation and mindfulness, are needed to help with your mental health. Scientific studies prove the tremendous benefits of mindfulness practices, easing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and strengthening the immune system. The link between physical and psychological elements of fibromyalgia and CFS mean that mental practices are an integral part of treatment.