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Can Hypnotherapy Have a Positive Impact on Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

Some older studies suggest that hypnotherapy could actually reduce bowel inflammation

Throughout the years, some studies conducted on hypnotherapy have shown positive benefits of the therapeutic approach to alleviating symptoms of IBD. In a small study conducted back in 2008, it was found that hypnotherapy may help to ease bowel inflammation seen in patients with ulcerative colitis. The study involved the participation of 17 patients with active colitis who underwent 50-minute sessions of ‘gut-focused’ hypnotherapy (the experimental group), as well as 8 patients who listened to their choice of music for 50 minutes (the control group). Results from the study revealed that blood levels of IL-6, an inflammation marker in the body, fell by 53% in the experimental group, as opposed to 0% in the control group.
In a study conducted back in 2009, 27 participants underwent 8 weeks of hypnotherapy and 80% of them reported to better managing their disease, in comparison to 50% of participants who received standard care. Additionally, the participants reported a 76% increase in the quality of their lives, in comparison to a 25% increase for standard care.