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Can Lupus Cause Mental Illness?

Efforts to understand mental illness and lupus

In the last couple of decades, many efforts have been made to classify, to understand, and to improve diagnosis and treatment of mental issues related to lupus. We are already going through the important phases, with knowledge improving at a fast pace. There are still many things to be understood and decided, like how should we consider and treat headaches, should headaches be given similar importance as other more specific manifestations of lupus? There is still need to identify, understand the exact role of auto-antibodies in the development of mental problems. It is entirely possible that in the future we may discover something completely new and unexpected. Though lots of studies have already been done, research in the area of mental illness related to lupus has been slow.

It is vital to understand that lupus can just affect the body in multiple ways, and anyone who has lupus is continually losing brain cells and their interconnectivity.


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