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Can You Prevent Insomnia?

Can You Prevent Insomnia?

How to prevent Insomnia?

Insomnia is a condition where one lacks sleep or finds it difficult to fall asleep. Approximately every person gets this type of disease as he or she grows towards old age. This condition mostly comes up from stress, poor dieting, having depression or feeling tired after long travels. Preventing insomnia needs some changes in the way of living and feeding, but it helps one since it protects one from falling out of sleep at night.

The only positive thing about Insomnia is the fact that it is curable. Some of the ways of preventing insomnia include the following; one should learn to set a timetable for time to sleep and other activities. This timetable if followed strictly will show some tremendous positive outcomes that won’t fail to disappoint you.Even the National Sleep Foundation suggests one to follow this timetable keenly and routinely where you sleep at a specific time and wake up at a specific time. One should avoid staying in bed while awake unless you are sick. The beddings should also be clean,comfortable and once one wakes up, he or she should make the folds and go outside to feel refresh. While sleeping, all the lights should be turned off even for the electronics as the electronic devices are ideal for generating high amounts of blue light in the short wavelength region. This blue light hinders and limits the formation of melaton in which is the hormone that is responsible for inducing sleep.

Also, insomnia can be prevented by eating well before retiring to bed to sleep. One should learn to take a balanced diet that is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, and proteins with breakfast being the heaviest meal to be consumed. Digestion of any consumed food takesone's energy hence consuming a lot of food at night could make one sleepless due to digestion instead of sleeping. This is the reason why specialists suggest you to avoid having fatty and greasy meals before going to bed as they are known to lead to reflux which can cause frequent wakes at night.

Minimize the use of caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that is known to be stored in the body for over seven hours hence for those who lack sleep at night should not consume it past noon time. Sometimes it causes the urge to urinate at night, forcing you to wake up at night. Alcohol too is not the exception, since almost 15% of the people suffering from chronic insomnia are known to be abusing drugs. Taking of high amounts of alcohol, affects their sleeping pattern alerting one to wake up now and then to ease the body. Hence late hours drinking is always discouraged.

Having home yoga can also help out in preventing insomnia. Smooth yoga prior sleeping can work as a great deal to rest the body and mind after a tiring day at work.One can decide to meditate shortly in bed for few minutes with crisscrossed legs and to lie on the pillow with hands on the thighs and closed eyes. One can also bend cross-legged where he or she can lean upfront from the hips, by stretching arms in front of the bed. Reclining twist can also work where one lies on the bed and puts the right knee to the chest and rotates the head to theright side and then to the left.

Sleeping pills must be avoided till a point where the person can handle to avoid it, as these pills come with a lot of risky side effects like headaches and addiction.Use of natural remedies instead of drugs should also be embraced. Drugs that enhance sleep sometimes are known to cause tiredness, nausea and can lead to addiction. Melaton in which is a hormone in the body should be considered instead of drugs. One can take cherries that increase the levels of melaton in. When cherries are regularly consumed, they increase sleeping ability and also reduce one's duration to catch sleep.

Put aside electronics when it is almost time to sleep. Telephones, television, iPods and phones should be off to get a good sleep at night. Not only do they distract you but they also release light that hinders and creates disturbance in the sleeping pattern. Light producing appliances are known to keep the mind busy hence preventing one from sleeping. People should also learn to do evening exercises like jogging. This could help the body feel energetic again for the day’s activities. Exercise helps one release stress and avoids depression.But one must always keep in mind that exercising and performing workout sessions must be done at least three to four hours before sleeping. Also, an individual suffering from insomnia must always avoid opting to indulge in heavy weight lifting exercises. They need to maintain a balance to ensure that their body feels relaxed when they are going to take a sleep.

People should also learn to stay calm. As when the body temperature drops, the body tends to emit more melaton in so one should always keep his or her bedroom at 65degrees. Taking a hot shower prior sleeping could also help lower the body temperature hence inducing the body to fall asleep quickly. People should lastly avoid smoking as nicotine has tobacco that is a stimulant that prevents one from catching sleep. Individuals who smoke find it hard to sleep peacefully and hence fail to wake up feeling refreshed.

If you experience insomnia for over a period of four weeks or are noticing some changes in your health and functioning, the immediate action you need to take is to talk to your physician about the available treatment options. It's always better to go in for non-medical options and natural, organic treatments. But just in case if you find the situation going out of your hand, you must never hesitate in consulting and visiting a doctor or specialist who will guide you with the best medications and guidelines on how to cure Insomnia to help you retain your normal livelihood.