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Caregivers: Stop Feeling Guilty

Finding joy

Finally, try to find the joy of being a caregiver. Being grateful for the ability to be able to provide support to a loved one and taking the time to be reminded of the joy that is brought to that person’s life is a good way to be reminded that being a caregiver isn’t always a burden.  It can truly be a rewarding experience.

When falling into the role of a caregiver, it’s very normal to not want to deal with any personal emotions and not want them to cloud your ability to provide the support that the loved one is needing.  When dealing with days filled with resentment, guilt, and sadness, remember that all these emotions are normal. They are part of the package with being a caregiver, but so are the feelings of accomplishment, pride, and purposefulness. 

While focusing on all those emotions, even the not so good ones, the positive influence you have stands out. Try to be reminded daily of the good that is being done for the patient and the selflessness that you practice every time you have agreed to join your loved one with Alzheimer's disease.